is a Windows application (for Windows 98 and later) designed by Abram Ring to interface with William Whitaker's WORDS, an electronic Latin dictionary. Lector Latinus will open any text file (.txt) or rich text file (.rtf) and allow the user to look up Latin words by double right-clicking on the word; a large library of free public domain Latin texts (most Classical texts and many Christian, Medieval, and Neolatin works) is included on the Lector Latinus CD and with the new Text Search feature you can search this entire collection in a matter of seconds to find partial words, words, or phrases (wildcard searches are also supported). The built-in Words dictionary identifies the form (such as dative and ablative plural feminine) and then gives a clear and concise definition. A second built-in dictionary has etymological information and displays macrons (long marks) for all headwords. Lector Latinus can also use the built-in Latnlink feature to create HTML versions of Latin text files; in these each word is linked to your choice of several on-line Latin dictionaries. Finally, Lector Latinus provides integrated access to searchable on-line resources for Latin and Classics through a search box on the toolbar and also integrates a number of other on-line resources. While Lector Latinus itself is designed for Windows-based computers, the HTML files it produces may be viewed on any computer which has an internet browser or may even be posted on the internet for public access. For the new free trial edition (30 uses) and customer comments section see below.

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Lector Latinus 1.0.2 has several advantages over my freeware program Lector 0.995:

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Customer Comments

"I love the cd and have encouraged my students to purchase it as well. I really appreciate that you've kept the price low--it's an amazing resource." -Carl Shaw (Temple University)

Screen Shots

A screen shot of Lector Latinus:

A view of the HTML options for linking texts to on-line dictionaries:

A sample automatically generated HTML text (click on the picture to open the Latnlink text):

New Trial Edition Now Available

You can download a shareware trial edition of Lector Latinus here (about 3.5 mb). This version does not include the library of public domain Latin texts which are on the CD of the full commercial version because this would make the file size too large for many to download. The trial edition is good for thirty uses. After that, I ask that you either discontinue using the program; or, if you like it, purchase it via the methods listed above. The trial edition is fully functional, so you can try out all features, but it does have an persistent reminder window which pops up from time to time to tell you that it is not the regular commercial edition.

Go here to download free public domain Latin texts.


is a freeware program designed to aid in reading Latin.

Lector 0.995 has several disadvantages when compared to the commercial program Lector Latinus: