{{site}} showcases a variety of apps that I've written for fun and for educational purposes over the years. Indeed, it is perhaps better to call them funcational, since the ones for "fun" coincidentally teach us, and the "educational" ones are often fun. Take a moment to explore and indulge in guilty nerd pleasures!

I am a language geek extraordinaire. It doesn't matter whether you're talking Greek, Latin, German, Italian, or Irish, or whether you're coding Java, Python, Basic, C++, PHP, or Javascript—I love them all.

I started my linguistic adventures simply by reading widely, a few hundred books a year from 4th to 6th grade—back when I first read C. S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Once I learned of Tolkien's academic scholarship on Germanic languages, I began to appreciate how language study could intersect with fantasy and scifi. His fictional scripts and languages provided the chief models for almost all those which have followed, and I remember reading and writing some of his runes in elementary school. When I was 12, my family got a PC, and I almost immediately started hacking computer games I played and making some simple games of my own. Moria, Darklands, and the AD&D Krynn series are some of the more memorable computer games I played, and I was introduced to pen and paper RPGs, specifically D&D Basic and AD&D, around the same time by a friend.

Bene tibi sit! I wish you well. And please let me know if you have questions or comments!

Coniunctor Nominum

Decline Latin nouns alone or with adjectives.

Quae hora est?

Calculate the Roman "hora" or "vigilia" based on your GPS coordinates and the current solar time.

Fasti Romani

Roman dating got you down? Find out the year and date in Roman format, and learn about how Roman calendars work.


Make vocab quizzes and tests from Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata


A dynamic, smart web app which automatically detects and links Greek and/or Latin to appropriate on-line dictionaries and morphological analyzers. Just paste in any Greek or Latin text and try it out.

Database Quiz

Roman Geography

Lector Latinus

A complex and adaptable Latin reading environment for Windows
My Quizlet folders for Latin, etc. My YouTube videos for Latin, etc. My Linguistics Cohort club page My Public Kahoots on Latin, linguistics, etc.

ACRes Aleator

A simple 3D dice roller for RPGs. Alea is a Latin word for a die using in gambling.

Manon's Maze

A Windows application that presents a dynamic text-based AD&D 2nd edition adventure set in a magical maze full of monsters, riddles, and logic puzzles. It can be used for solo adventures without a DM. It also has built-in utility apps to generate treasure, monsters, and NPCs.